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I'm not sure what I'm supposed to write for my very first post ever but Shane told me that it doesn't matter. He's the one who told me I could talk to my friends here after I said I wished there was a way to do that not involving email. I don't mind email so much but I know that Will does so many things here with his friends I thought it would be fun to take part. Not that I'm trying to be like my son or anything. He knows that. I hope.

Shane helped me with those pictures (oh, he says the correct term is "icons." Excuse me!) by taking some of my photos and putting them in the computer. There's a process. And he's going to help me "friend" people. I've never heard the word friend used as a verb before, as in "I friended someone." Isn't that funny? I suppose it isn't if you're used to all of this, but I find it amusing. I asked Shane if he uses his blogger(?) a lot and he said he doesn't write in it but reads everything. I think I'd like to write in mine as well as find things to read.

I hope that it's all right for me to "friend" those of you I've met before. I'll be at a loss when Shane's not helping me out so I also hope people won't mind me asking questions.

Okay, I am getting ready to send this. Shane says I should preview then send so I can see my mistakes first. But I don't mind making mistakes as long as it's not some terrible rule I'm breaking.

And what in the world is a community? I know what they are in the outside world but they sound more like clubs to me here. Is that right? I have a lot to learn.

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Good to see you sweetheart.

OOC: OH NO Snake has created a monster LMAO!

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I am most honored that you would 'friend' my journal, my lady. And allow me to be the first to bid you welcome.

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Nothing wrong with being like your son. He's a top quality guy.

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Communities are something like clubs, yeah. Basically it's a place for people with similar interests to talk/write about said interests. More or less anyway.

Hi, I'm Wes. I'm not sure we've met before though. If we have you'll need to forgive me. Things have been rather complicated this past year and I might have forgotten.

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Welcome, it's good to see you here.