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Inez Porter ([personal profile] mama_porter) wrote2008-12-28 09:40 am

I had no idea

This morning I asked Shane how I could find a community to join. He told me that I could do a search for interests. I did. Then what seemed like thousands of choices popped up for every interest I typed in! How in the world is someone supposed to know where to go?

I'm not sure this is the place for me. I've noticed that I can read about other people's lives when I don't even know them! Isn't that like eavesdropping? I've already decided that I'm not going to read anything Will writes about unless he specifically tells me I can. I imagine his blogger is like his diary. I didn't read his journals when he was a kid and I'm not going to do it now that he's a grown man. Shane told me that Will could possibly be anxious that I've LJ'd. But, sweetie, if you read this, you don't have to worry, all right? I promise.

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Thanks, Mom. Not that I was worried or anything.

I still can't believe you're using your newfangled computational gizmo.

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Okay, good. Shane was sure you'd be uncomfortable with me being here.

Will, you're making me sound like a senile old woman who can't figure out how to turn on a computer. Yes, I'm new to this sort of thing, but I can catch on. I'm sure of it.

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What? No! Tell Shane it's all good.

I'm sure of it, too, Momma P. That's cute, btw. (btw=by the way) But you have to admit that you did sort of act like a senile old woman the first time I tried to get you online.

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I'm glad you like the name. Snake actually gave me the idea. He called me Momma Porter in his letters.

William Tobias Porter, I taught you how to use the toilet. Do you really want to get into this with me? LOL (See? I know things!)

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Aww, that's kinda cute! He's so sweet. But don't tell him I called him sweet.

Okay, you win this round, Big Momma. But my day will come.

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I think he's very sweet and why shouldn't he know?

If it makes you feel better to think that, you go right ahead. But Big Momma is always watching and waiting...

(This is fun! Reminds me of when we'd pretend to be enemy spies when your father was at work.)

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It's fine for you to say it! But guys don't say that sort of thing to other guys.

OMG, I used to love that! Everything was always about the dossier and the microfilm even though I had no idea what a dossier was.

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Ah, it's a macho man thing. Enough said, sweetie.

You were so cute, running around with one of your father's ties around your neck. I miss my little baby boy. But a grandchild might be able to fill that hole...

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Oops. I didn't get the notif for this, sorry!

A grandchild, huh? You and Orli are on the same wavelength.

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What's a notif, honey?

Are we?? He wants to have a baby?? Can I talk to him about it?

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The email notifications that LJ sends out when you get a reply to a comment you've made. Sometimes my email service doesn't get them right away and I respond late or not at all.

Mom, don't get too excited, okay? We're talking about talking about it once things have gotten better with Shy. I won't tell you that you can't talk to Orli about it, but if you do, I beg you to be subtle and not pressure him.

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Notifs. Gotcha. And don't be sorry, baby. You couldn't control it.

I won't pressure him! I just want to talk to him about making me a grandmother. In a non pressure type way, of course.

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I know, but it's polite to apologize for delayed responses if there isn't already an understanding about that sort of thing.

Oh lord, I can picture it now... Just be good, okay?

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Honey, I'm your mother. There's always an understanding.

Don't 'oh lord' me, William! I've already asked about it and it will be fine.

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Whoa. When did you take that sexpot picture??

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I used the wrong one!! That was supposed to be for Harold to see.

Sorry I took so long to reply to you, dear.

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What? You'll let Harold see you like that??

And no problem.