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Inez Porter ([personal profile] mama_porter) wrote2008-12-28 09:40 am

I had no idea

This morning I asked Shane how I could find a community to join. He told me that I could do a search for interests. I did. Then what seemed like thousands of choices popped up for every interest I typed in! How in the world is someone supposed to know where to go?

I'm not sure this is the place for me. I've noticed that I can read about other people's lives when I don't even know them! Isn't that like eavesdropping? I've already decided that I'm not going to read anything Will writes about unless he specifically tells me I can. I imagine his blogger is like his diary. I didn't read his journals when he was a kid and I'm not going to do it now that he's a grown man. Shane told me that Will could possibly be anxious that I've LJ'd. But, sweetie, if you read this, you don't have to worry, all right? I promise.

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Ah, it's a macho man thing. Enough said, sweetie.

You were so cute, running around with one of your father's ties around your neck. I miss my little baby boy. But a grandchild might be able to fill that hole...

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Oops. I didn't get the notif for this, sorry!

A grandchild, huh? You and Orli are on the same wavelength.

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What's a notif, honey?

Are we?? He wants to have a baby?? Can I talk to him about it?

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The email notifications that LJ sends out when you get a reply to a comment you've made. Sometimes my email service doesn't get them right away and I respond late or not at all.

Mom, don't get too excited, okay? We're talking about talking about it once things have gotten better with Shy. I won't tell you that you can't talk to Orli about it, but if you do, I beg you to be subtle and not pressure him.

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Notifs. Gotcha. And don't be sorry, baby. You couldn't control it.

I won't pressure him! I just want to talk to him about making me a grandmother. In a non pressure type way, of course.

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I know, but it's polite to apologize for delayed responses if there isn't already an understanding about that sort of thing.

Oh lord, I can picture it now... Just be good, okay?

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Honey, I'm your mother. There's always an understanding.

Don't 'oh lord' me, William! I've already asked about it and it will be fine.

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Whoa. When did you take that sexpot picture??

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I used the wrong one!! That was supposed to be for Harold to see.

Sorry I took so long to reply to you, dear.

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What? You'll let Harold see you like that??

And no problem.