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I'm not sure what I'm supposed to write for my very first post ever but Shane told me that it doesn't matter. He's the one who told me I could talk to my friends here after I said I wished there was a way to do that not involving email. I don't mind email so much but I know that Will does so many things here with his friends I thought it would be fun to take part. Not that I'm trying to be like my son or anything. He knows that. I hope.

Shane helped me with those pictures (oh, he says the correct term is "icons." Excuse me!) by taking some of my photos and putting them in the computer. There's a process. And he's going to help me "friend" people. I've never heard the word friend used as a verb before, as in "I friended someone." Isn't that funny? I suppose it isn't if you're used to all of this, but I find it amusing. I asked Shane if he uses his blogger(?) a lot and he said he doesn't write in it but reads everything. I think I'd like to write in mine as well as find things to read.

I hope that it's all right for me to "friend" those of you I've met before. I'll be at a loss when Shane's not helping me out so I also hope people won't mind me asking questions.

Okay, I am getting ready to send this. Shane says I should preview then send so I can see my mistakes first. But I don't mind making mistakes as long as it's not some terrible rule I'm breaking.

And what in the world is a community? I know what they are in the outside world but they sound more like clubs to me here. Is that right? I have a lot to learn.

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A baby is one of the last true surprises left in life! I can do spring colors.

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Kids are always a surprise. Mom likes reds and purples.

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I'm writing that down.

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Don't have to now. Can just come back and look.

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That's so true! Once I get the hang of this thing I think I'm really going to like it.

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Thank you for the encouragement, Snake.