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Inez Porter ([personal profile] mama_porter) wrote2009-01-03 04:26 pm
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I'm going to a party

The gentleman I'm seeing - or should I say dating? Can a woman my age date or is that just for young people? - has invited me to a party at the home of someone he works with. A lot of his co-workers are going to be there, too. He told me it's a dinner party with cocktails beforehand and I'm so nervous because I don't think I'm all that good at small talk. Usually we spend time here or he takes me to a restaurant and I feel so comfortable with him. I don't want his friends to think I'm stupid or anything and I don't want to embarrass him by saying something dumb. This is the first time in a long time that I've gone to a party where I literally only know one person. Why did I say yes?!

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You should stop a bit. I'm old enough and better at taking care of myself than anyone else around here.

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Honey, it has nothing to do with how capable a person is of taking care of themselves. I know you are. You're the most capable person I know, including Will. But it makes me feel better to be concerned about the welfare of people I'm close to, so when they're doing all right, I feel happy.

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We're doing fine. It's when I go quiet that you got to worry. Should be happy right now.